Norscott logo 45 things

  1. Select lot
  2. Check for water service
  3. Place conditional to purchase on lot
  4. Check availability of building permit
  5. Check architectural restrictions or development controls
    (do you require an elevation check?)
  6. Check availability of Hydro
  7. Check availability of Phone Service
  8. If they are not in there you will have to pay for them
  9. Arrange for liability insurance on lot
  10. Purchase Lot
  11. Select the floor plans
    (it doesn't matter where you get the floor plan. You can even draw your own.)
  12. Get preliminary plans drawn (if from your own sketch)
  13. Make changes to preliminary drawings if required
  14. Obtain full blueprints (allow plenty of time!)
  15. Obtain sub trade costing
  16. Check out all sub trades
  17. Submit fully prepared mortgage application
  18. Apply for a building permit (allow at least 3-4 weeks)
  19. Receive mortgage approval
  20. Verify inspections, specifications, soil and water tests as required by lender or city
  21. Confirm lot purchase
  22. Arrange interim financing
  23. Survey lot prior to excavating
  24. Verify surveyor has correct plot plan and grade levels
  25. Pick up building permit
  26. Notify all chosen trades of schedule and have pre construction discussions
  27. Establish line of credit and sign contracts with sub trades
  28. Arrange for and pre order material requiring extended lead time.
    (kitchen cabinets, plumbing specialties, floor coverings, etc.)
  29. Arrange fire, theft/accident insurance
  30. Arrange concrete and gravel delivery
  31. Inspect lot for damage to services and/or city side walks prior to construction
  32. Photograph all existing damages to city owned property prior to construction
  33. Get soil tested if required
    (Check with town or municipality)
  34. Contact telephone, gas company and city for location of all buried pipe and cables.
  35. Contact electrician for permit and temporary power hook up.
  36. Confirm sub trade schedule.
  37. Meet with contractor to discuss your requirements
  38. Install sign on property. Name, Lot number, Block, plan number.
  39. Arrange for workers compensation coverage.
  40. Verify all permits have been sent for
  41. Contact and schedule excavator for day one.
  42. Contact basement contractor for day two.
  43. Check for basement window sizes.
  44. Schedule framers.
  45. Arrange for elevation check for day one.

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