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We use very special machinery to ensure accurate cutting from one log to the next to prevent air infiltration on our corners and running wall lengths.
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All timbers are set in place with care and attention to detail.
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The upper portion of the wall is set up next to the lower portion to check that all logs are properly drilled for through bolts and electrical outlets, and to make certain all window and door openings are correctly located.
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An exclusive feature of our log homes are the Dovetail and Lock Lap Joint Corners designed by our in house engineering staff.
In 1989 Confederation introduced a new through bolt system.
These through bolts are installed every six feet through the entire height of the log walls.
This specialty designed mechanism permits future tightening adjustment which can be carried out during the construction process.
This periodic adjustment further strengthens the structure of the building and ensures protection against air infiltration.
There is also a 1 1/2 inch space above all doors and windows to allow for settlement.
Log walls are also stabilized by two inch hardwood dowels where required.

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All windows and doors have hardwood dowels inserted into the groove in the middle of the timbers to allow for natural nesting
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After the Log Home has been milled and cut to the ridgid design specifications of the plans, the logs are then disassembled and banded together and placed in our storage drying facility ready to be shipped to the customer's job site.
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Your house is ready for shipment to your site
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